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Larsen_HeadshotDear outstanding grandparent,

Do you realize just how important you are to your grandchildren? I'm not sure you do. As a grandparent you are in a unique position in the family tree. You have the opportunity to impact the lives of your grandchildren in a powerful way. You have the opportunity to plant seeds in their lives today that will grow and produce wonderful fruit for them long after you're gone. I know this to be 100% true. How? Well not because I'm a grandparent...I've got a few years to go until then. I know this is true because I'm a grandson to a handful of grandparents who have changed my life for the better. They helped me grow during a tumultuous time of my life and continue to help me bloom to this day. For that I am grateful. Here's the condensed version of how living with my grandparents saved my life.

In 2008, I graduated magna cum laude and magna cum jobless.  Soon after I moved in with my 80-year-old Grandma Grace.  At first, I felt like a complete and utter failure. I felt like I did everything right - got the grades, excelled in extra curriculars, etc.  I did everything my wonderful teachers, counselors and society told me to do in order to get that great job out of college, but it simply wasn't in the cards.  Because of that, I was in a bit of a dark place after graduating. I was lost and desperately needed a dose of perspective.

Living with Grandma Grace at that time in my life was the blessing I needed. I taught her Facebook and she taught me the true value of family and faith.

The next year, I decided to live with my Granny and Grandpa Grit. Grandpa Grit had suffered from a debilitating stroke that compromised his speech and mobility of half his body.  Granny Grit was caring for him on her 4.5 acres of hillside country property (which included horses, dogs and a barn kitty), and was holding down a part-time job. Being there for Grandpa during his last year of his life was one of the toughest yet rewarding experiences.  I learned a lot about what true grit and courage is. Most of all, I realized our time here is limited. We must use it wisely. We must learn how to grow ourselves and others with love.

Living with my grandparents in my 20's wasn't something I envisioned happening. It certainly wasn't mentioned in my high school valedictorian speech.  But I believe I learned more from the "Grand School" years than I would have ever learned in Grad School.  And even though it was unexpected and uncomfortable at times, the harvest was nothing short of divine.

If younger generations have anything close to the experience I had, while living with and caring for grandparents, I have no doubt our society will be better for it. That's a big reason why while living with my grandparents, I created GrandparentsAcademy.com.

I'm here to help grandparents grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with their loved ones. While digging in the garden with Granny Grit, I began to reflect on life and discovered the parallels that exist between growing healthy plants and growing healthy relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

The experience inspired me to create the Legacy Gardening™ program, which guides you how to live your life every day with intention and a purpose to grow yourself and your loved ones to reach full bloom.

Here on GrandparentsAcademy.com you'll find the resources to do just that.

Gratefully yours,


A Letter From Grandma Grace

​Dear fellow grandparent,

I love being a grandma!  It can be the most rewarding feeling in the world knowing that you have helped shape the life of a grandchild for the better.  That being said, being a grandparent isn't always easy, especially in today's rapidly changing world.  New technology can be a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, some of this new technology is really exciting because I learn new ways to maintain strong relationships with my grandkids. On the other hand, it's really exhausting and daunting trying to keep up with it all by myself.  I find it easier and much more enjoyable when I have someone with me who understands it and is patient enough to explain it to me. Fortunately, I have a few people like that in my life. One of them is a young man named Aaron who created GrandparentsAcademy.com.

Now if you are like me, you may wonder what a young man like Aaron is doing creating an online academy designed to help grandparents. He's just a kid! What does he know about being a grandparent? The answer may surprise you. Let me tell you a little bit about Aaron.

Aaron is  an intelligent, creative, caring, and spiritual young man with a desire to make the lives of the people he meets better and more rewarding. If you ask him how he became this way, he'll tell you that his grandparents had a major impact on his life.  And this is true. How do I know? Because I am one of the grandparents he likes to talk about. He calls me "Grandma Grace".

It goes without saying that bragging about their grandchildren comes natural to us grandparents, but I can tell you with complete confidence that Aaron is a very good teacher.  He has taught me how to import photos into my e-mail, how to use Facebook, how to text on my cell phone and much more. It's the character traits mentioned above combined with his love for helping grandparents that make Aaron unique. Aaron has a gift for helping others around him live better and more rewarding lives.  And that is what makes GrandaparentsAcademy.com a unique and valuable resource for grandparents like us.

No, Aaron is not a grandparent. That's quite obvious just by looking at him. But he does share the same desire that all of us grandparents have. Aaron wants to create what he calls a "legacy of loving and learning". He knows how valuable this sort of legacy is because that is what his grandparents, including my husband, "Grandpa Grace", have left for him.  Not only does he have a desire to create his own legacy, but he also has the desire to help us grandparents create our own legacy of loving and learning for our loved ones.  That is why he built GrandparentsAcademy.com.  It is his desire to help combined with his character traits and communication and technology skills that make Aaron (and GrandparentsAcademy.com) a valuable resource for us grandparents.

GrandparentsAcademy.com provides access to  information and training on the subjects which are most applicable to the relationship between themselves and their grandchildren.  To speak plainly, it's all about creating a legacy of loving and learning. And when it comes down to it there is no place on the internet more suited to helping you with creating that legacy than GrandparentsAcademy.com.  But don't just take a proud grandma's word for it, take a look for yourself.  You won't regret it.

My best to you and yours,

~Grandma Grace