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Your grandkids are already online (or will be soon). They are Googling, Facebooking, Snapchatting, Tweeting, YouTubing, and a whole lot more!  Do you have a plan for how to use the internet to grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with them? If not, let's create one together! Sign up below for a free training video series!

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Learn how living with grandparents inspired a millenial to revolutionize the way grandparents grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with their loved ones.  READ MORE

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What Grandparents Say

"The FB Safety course is not just for grandparents, not just blocking things, much much more. I'd say its learning how and what to expect for new and old users of Facebook. In all areas. Aaron has much knowledge in the field and a gift for teaching. Great job."
-- Mary

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